Inspired mainly by the 20´s and 50´s SOMA brings new life to the female classics from the streets of Europe, USA and Japan.

If you enjoy fashion and do not mind being subjected to gazing eyes, SOMA delivers a fashion line that you can wear on any occasion.

A classic yet eye-catching fashion line.

The reasons for the classics being classics are clean lines, an ageless look and the feeling of being well dressed without effort.

At SOMA design we aim to keep the clean and timeless look of your classic wardrobe while adding a bit of splash, hence creating a look that is sophisticated, feminine and exclusive at the same time.

The solid foundation on which the designs are built, preserves the ability of the clothes to remain a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

The historical expressions can be seen in the carefully designed laser cut patterns or simply in the silhouettes of the clothes.

Laser cutting technology is integrated in most of our creations. Here’s how it’s done.

At SOMA design I try to find the beauty in the everyday items that surround us; an old tapestry, a flower pattern from Flora Danica or perhaps an old Japanese porcelain teapot. If you care to look, there’s beauty all around us…

Drawing and testing
When the inspiration has been nursed and has stopped moving around in my mind, I draw a layout of a laser cut pattern. Then the pattern is tested on different fabrics until I find the perfect match.

Let there be styles
Subsequently, I draw the styles which I see fit for that particular collection. My inspiration stems from old magazines, classic fashion items, old fashion books or even from a woman I see crossing the street. 

Time to construct and digitalize the patterns
With the fundamentals sorted, I now begin to combine my laser cut patterns with my styles. When the two have partnered to my satisfaction, I digitalize the patterns.

The birth of a bold classic
Time to carefully place the patterns on the collection pieces and prepare them for laser-cutting. A new outfit is born.

Meet the designer
Sofie Topsøe Mailand has a gift for seeing new ways to create a classic and dazzling look. Laser cutting is not common in the fashion world and Sofie Topsøe Mailand has been product developing her technique and materials from scratch and has made something that is basically a modern version of lace.

“The magic that happens in the void between 2 pieces of fabric is beautiful to behold – it’s a form of volatile beauty”

Sofie Topsøe Mailand

A designer in the making
It all began at her grandparents’ house where a young Sofie found a huge basket of scarves in different colors and shapes. And while the other children were playing hide and seek, Sofie tied scarves together, draped them and made her own dresses – she took something old and gave it a new look. A new life.

When she got older, her grandmother gave her a sewing machine and Sofie began making costumes for herself and her friends.

Proudest moments

  • SOMA designs have been used in multiple fashion shows by Stuhr and Lorial from 2015-2019
  • A SOMA skirt was worn by her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary at the Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Award Show 2015.
  • Internship at Edeline Lee – London 2017
  • Graduated from Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design – 2017
  • Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design Graduation Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week – 2017
  • Design Assistant & Print Designer at Dea Kudibal – 2018
  • Full member of Designer Hive – 2019
  • Cover of Lyngby Storcenter Catalogue – 2019